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Our highest priority is the health and safety of our guests and employees. To secure that, all our employees are well trained in procedures and routines related to enhanced cleaning, physical distancing and our food & beverage offerings which are implemented according to the International and National laws, regulations and recommendations. In case of any questions or if you need additional or detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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Our 4-way StaySafe program

Staff trainings

All our staff members are well trained in all health & safety procedures and routines corresponding to the guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and local governments and authorities. We are all there to keep you safe and make you enjoy your stay with us!

Advanced Cleaning

Disinfection dispensers are located in all key locations throughout the hotel for both guests and staff to be used. Also advanced deep cleaning procedures for high traffic areas in the hotel are implemented and done frequently.

Keeping the distance

Even though we do love our guests and would prefer to welcome you with a big hug and even bigger smile, we understand that this is not possible at the moment. Therefor all hotels are equipped with floor signage showing the minimum distance recommendations, mouth and nose masks are available throughout the hotel and Express Check Out services are available as well as the high recommendation to use non cash payment methods.

No room for the virus

We have removed all guest amenities and frequently touched items from the guest rooms to avoid the virus to get into the hotel. Of course all amenities are still available and handed out at the reception after advanced cleaning.

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