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Special offers & packages

Special offers & packages

Wedding anniversary at Duden
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Our Restaurants and Bar

Our Restaurants and Bar

Have a nice meal or a refreshing drink
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Conferences & Events

Conferences & Events

in a relaxed surrounding
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Our menu suggestions for 6 or more guests

3-Course Menu

Menu I

  • Filet of salmon on honey mustard sauce with a small salad bouquet and potato rosti
  • Lockets of beef and pork on pepper-mushroom sauce with potatoes and vegetables bouquet
  • Cinnamon stewed plum with vanilla ice cream

Menu II

  • Fish terrine with salmon filling on classic green sauce along with a small salad
  • Paupiette of pork fillet with spinach and mushroom and tagliatelle
  • Duet of white and dark mousse on fruity berries

4-Course Menu

Menu I

  • Chopped slices of duck breast on corn salad with orange marinade and parmesan with a salad bouquet
  • Dijon mustard cream soup
  • In olive oil fried zander filet with herb crust along with Mediterranean vegetables and potato gratin
  • Hazelnut parfait with almond sauce and chocolate ice cream

Menu II

  • Waldorf salad with sliced chicken breast
  • Parsley root soup with croutons
  • Argentin rumpsteak with herb crust, potato and a vegetable bouquet
  • Orange flavoured crème brullee with exotic pineapple salad

5-Course Menu

Menu I

  • Fried king prawns on small salad bouquet with garlic-vegetable sauce
  • Pea soup with bone ham
  • Homemade ravioli with beef filling on sherry foam and cherry tomatoes
  • Berry sorbet with Prosecco
  • Crispy fried duck breast on orange-pepper sauce with broccoli and choux pastry donut
  • Filled chocolate parfait on a berry sauce

Menu II

  • Carrot ginger soup with cheese dumplings
  • Grilled goats cheese with pine nuts and orange and honey dressing
  • Wild berry sorbet with sparkling wine
  • Lockets of beef and pork on pepper-mushroom sauce with potatoes and vegetables bouquet
  • Trilogy of hazelnut nougat parfait, creme bavarois and filled chocolate mousse

Our buffet suggestions for 25 or more guests

Niederrheinisches Buffet

  • Filets of hering with apples and cucumber
  • Prime boiled beef in French dressing
  • Pork loin filled with plums
  • Small meatballs with mustard
  • Chicken salad, potato salad
  • Seasonal salad with a variety of dressings
  • Pork roast with crackling
  • Roast beef in red wine sauce with broccoli, cauliflower, peas and carrots
  • Boiled potatoes and croquettes
  • Herrencreme
  • French Toast
  • Diced cheese
  • Bread basket and butter
  • Niederrheinische wedding soup served first at the table | additional charge: Euro 3.75 per person

Italian Buffet

  • Vitello Tonnato
  • Zucchini and aubergine baked in olive oil
  • Carpaccio of beef filet with lemon and parmesan cheese
  • Parma ham on rock melon
  • Mozzarella with tomatoes and basil
  • Sweet and sour mushrooms with rosemary
  • Artichoke salad with crab
  • Tuna salad, olives, italian pasta salad
  • Tortellini in ham-cream sauce
  • Salmon lasagne filled with spinach
  • Saltimbocca of pork loin with risotto and fresh vegetables
  • and for the children "Spaghetti Bolognese"
  • Fruit salad made from fresh fruit with marashino
  • Ice cream bomb with chocolate sauce
  • Choice of cheeses
  • Chiabatta bread and garlic butter
  • Minestrone served first at the table | additional charge: Euro 4.25 per person

Buffet III

  • Home-slained salmon with mustard-dill sauce
  • Variety of green salad and raw vegetable salad
  • Small skewers with cocktail tomatoes and mozzarella
  • Orange chicken salad
  • Olives and ewe's cheese salad
  • Fried pork loin lockets on pepper-cream sauce
  • Salmon lasagne filled with spinach
  • Braised beef in dark burgundy sauce
  • Tortellini in cheese-cream sauce
  • Fresh exotic fruit salad
  • Fruity raspberry mousse
  • Tiramisu with apples and raisins
  • Bread basket and butter

Buffet IV

  • Poached salmon with creamed horse raddish
  • Variety of smoked fish
  • Sliced chicken breast filet on Waldorf salad
  • Shellfish cocktail in pineapple
  • Tuna salad
  • Galia melon with ham
  • Variety of green salad and raw vegetable salad
  • Argentinean roast beef under an herb crust with noodles
  • Tortellini in ham-cream sauce with potatoes, roast potatoes, rice or gratin
  • Ice cream bomb in marzipan
  • Duet of white and dark chocolate mousse
  • Panna Cotta on fruit
  • Bread basket and butter
  • Cheese platter with butter and bread


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